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Standard Packaging Page

Plain Tape, Boxes, Bags, Packing Paper, Tissue Paper & More

Another great service DAOL provide to its clients is general and customised packaging, We have a large range of off the shelf solutions ready for collection here at our Cork facility including:

  • White or Brown paper bags (with or without handles)
  • Black and Gold plastic bags
  • Clear polythene bags
  • Mini grip seal bags
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Brown paper on rolls or sheets

Also in stock are a range of packaging accessories which include:

  • Coloured Tissue paper
  • Clear sellotape rolls and dispensers
  • Twine
  • Strapping

Customised Packaging

Branded Tape, Boxes, Bags, Packing Paper, Tissue Paper & More

As with all our services we strive to provide our customers with the complete, one stop shop solution. To that end DAOL can offer a fully customisable packaging solution.

  • Branded Pharmacy bags (all sizes)
  • Branded Fashion bags (paper tape or rope handles)
  • Branded wrapping paper
  • Branded tape

Please speak to our branding specialist and they will be happy to help in the design and manufacture of your branded packaging.

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